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Owner Pages

The purpose of commissioning documentation is to serve as the historical record of the "what, why and how" of key delivery team decisions throughout the planning and delivery process. Commissioning documents the establishment of standards of performance for building systems, and verifies that designed and constructed work meets those standards. Commissioning is a team effort to document the continuity of the project as it moves from one project phase to the next. In the planning and development phase of a project, the owner's project requirements (OPR) document is developed. When the entire project delivery process is documented in a consistent manner, an historical perspective is created that explains the iterative process of determining the agreed-to project requirements at each step of the development process. Commissioning documentation becomes the road map for the success criteria to be met by facilities that are put in service. At post-occupancy, commissioning documentation becomes the benchmark to ensure that the building can be maintained.
This WBDG page provides information on common commissioning documentation deliverables and resources related to commissioning specific systems and assemblies.



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